Aaron Brother's (Michaels Arts & crafts) Company Review By Employees

Aaron Brother's (Michaels Arts & crafts)
Irving, TX

Company Grade: C (67%)

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Retail, Frames and art supplies as well as custom framing

The Aaron Brother's (Michaels Arts & crafts) has an Overall Look Before You Leap grade of: C (67%) by 2 of it’s current and/or past employees. The current and/or previous employee(s) rated Aaron Brother's (Michaels Arts & crafts) on it’s business ethics, management, culture, pay, benefits, and training.

2 Total Employee Reviews of Aaron Brother's (Michaels Arts & crafts)

Current Employee's Review
Date Reviewed: August 07, 2011
Years of Employment: 2006 - Present
Overall Grade: A- (90%)
Comments: Take a serious look at Michael's... one of the best opportunities out there for retail employment. Of course there are a few areas that could be improved but EVERY company has some. Overall this is a terrific company. Disregard the two negative responses online - had to be disgruntled past employees, probably some of those that don't want to do their jobs! I highly recommend Michael's and Aaron Brothers!!!!!!!!!
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Past Employee's Review
Date Reviewed: July 30, 2005
Years of Employment: 2002 - 2005
Overall Grade: D (44%)
Comments: When hours are cut things do not get done! Customers leave and don't come back, merchandise doesn't get stocked, and customers don't place orders. However at Aaron Brothers the MOST important thing is to cut hours. All of this leads to abuse of employees! The turn over is great including Store Managers
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