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Company Grade: D (46%)

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DialAmerica has been in the telemarketing business for over 46 years, longer than any other telemarketers in business today. The present owners purchased the company in 1976 from Time Inc. and expanded it far beyond the publishing industry to include growing and emerging industries.

Today, DialAmerica is the largest, privately owned telemarketing company in the United States - with annual revenues of $220 million. Our president serves on the Board of Directors of the Direct Marketing Association, and we have an active, highly respected, in-house Government Affairs and Legislative Compliance (GALC) Department. In fact, our VP of GALC also serves as the chair of the Direct Marketing Association\'s Teleservices Ethics Committee.

DialAmerica Mission Statement:
Our Mission is Making Your Customers Satisfied Customers
We have the people with the know-how to treat your customers the way you do...we empower them with technology that is unsurpassed in the industry. Combine this with the flexibility to make reporting, program, and script changes on the fly, and you’ve got a telemarketing partner whose mission is to help you keep your customers for the long term.

\"I still like to think that we are a big company with a small company spirit and approach to doing business. In fact, I believe that an entrepreneurial spirit pervades the whole organization from the branch managers who are in essence running their own businesses to the programmers and engineers who are fully invested in their work. As we all know, our industry is definitely going through a period of change. Yet, I remain fully confident that telemarketing will continue to play an important and cost-effective role in your business plan.\"

Art Conway, President, DialAmerica

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