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Since 1992, EZFTZ has proven itself to be one of the best Foreign Trade Zone management packages in the industry. We at Homedata (Rochester) Inc. strive to make our software the best it can be. By working closely with our clients and learning their specific needs, we are continually designing new ways to make the software more functional and easy to use. We also have one of the strongest client training programs in the industry, as well as a staff with over 50 years of experience in Foreign Trade Zones.

EZFTZ was the first FTZ software package to: - Offer multiple manufacturing methods - Support specialized industry groups, such as watches, footwear, civil aircraft, etc. - Support transaction volumes of over 10 million transactions per year.

EZFTZ also supports: - Numerous zones/subzones/FTZ Users with just one deployment of the software. - Electronic data feeds. - Internet accessible hosted solution. - Transfers between FTZs. - Electonic Filing of Customs Forms, including the Electronic 214.

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