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Hereford Insurance Company
Long Island city, NY

Company Grade: B+ (88%)

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Commercial insurance for hire vehicles Workers compensation

The Hereford Insurance Company has an Overall Look Before You Leap grade of: B+ (88%) by 1 of it’s current and/or past employees. The current and/or previous employee(s) rated Hereford Insurance Company on it’s business ethics, management, culture, pay, benefits, and training.

1 Total Employee Reviews of Hereford Insurance Company

Current Employee's Review
Date Reviewed: January 21, 2018
Years of Employment: 2010 - Present
Overall Grade: B+ (88%)
Comments: The company is a well run family business that appears to invest in their own growth as well as in the development of their employees. There are great opportunities to be promoted and developed as the HR director always looks for internal candidates for open positions before going outside. Also references from current employees are always taken above external candidates. I feel like I was able to pursue a career here and most all of what I have learned are transferable skills
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P.O. Box 20071
Louisville, KY 40250

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