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Why I Created LookBeforeYouLeap, and More!

After graduating college in 1999, two of my professors helped me find a promising web development position with an up-and-coming web site. This was my dream job and I was very excited! While the job was an excellent learning experience, the company made very poor business decisions and went out of business in less than 2 years.

After my brief career with that company, I turned once again to my old professors for help with finding a job. They recommended I go to work for a local web development company that created and maintained web sites. The company was great, but around 2002, the dot com bubble burst, and they began sweeping layoffs. I decided to start looking for a more stable employer.

My previous boss had taken a high level position with a Health Insurance Provider. This was a large, well established company with over 5000 employees. They advertised a Web Developer position, so I submitted my resume. During the interview, I negotiated a $10,000 increase in pay and happily accepted the position. I was very excited about going to work for a well established company and finally developing a long-term career with one business.

Unfortunately, after taking the position I found out that the job description presented to me during the interview, had nothing to do with my actual job responsibilities. During my 4 month tenure with this company, I did not write one line of code! I was very frustrated and began looking for yet another job.

As a side note, I later ran into my boss from this company, and found out that they basically shut down our entire department. I probably wouldn't have been laid off because they laid off people that had been with the company the longest. They laid off Senior Level employees, because they were making the most money. Is that ethical?

Back to job hunting… I looked, and looked, but I couldn’t find any information about the culture of a business. I wanted the inside perspective, because I was tired of leaping from one company to the next. Friends helped, but their knowledge was limited to their own personal experiences.

Therefore, I decided to create this website! To help us all make more informed decisions when changing jobs. The goal of this service is to benefit both the employee and the employer, by fostering a better work environment for all American Businesses! Hopefully companies will find ways to improve their culture and business practices after reading their reviews from this site.

Thanks for visiting, and make sure to Help Others Look Before They Leap into their next career! Please Rate your current, or previous employers!