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El Dorado Hills, CA

Company Grade: F (30%)

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The SuiteAmerica has an Overall Look Before You Leap grade of: F (30%) by 1 of it’s current and/or past employees. The current and/or previous employee(s) rated SuiteAmerica on it’s business ethics, management, culture, pay, benefits, and training.

1 Total Employee Reviews of SuiteAmerica

Past Employee's Review
Date Reviewed: September 10, 2015
Years of Employment: 2013 - 2014
Overall Grade: F (30%)
Comments: Closed off ownership. Never know when someone is going to yell. Benefits look good on paper, but many of the really great benefits are only legit if you are a "favored son". Unclean environment, trash all over the place. Constant change in staff. Disorganized, no real plans in place. Ideas not appreciated. Constant, unnecessary spending on things like an annoying Musak system or high tech gadgets that sit in boxes, unused.
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