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Illinois, IL

Company Grade: F (36%)

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The walgreens has an Overall Look Before You Leap grade of: F (36%) by 1 of it’s current and/or past employees. The current and/or previous employee(s) rated walgreens on it’s business ethics, management, culture, pay, benefits, and training.

1 Total Employee Reviews of walgreens

Current Employee's Review
Date Reviewed: November 07, 2010
Years of Employment: 2005 - Present
Overall Grade: F (36%)
Comments: Worst company to ever work for. Ceo Gregory Watson does not care about his employees. He took away our over time, cut salary, took away our overtime, and holiday gifts. While we are losing our ways to make money hes making money off of bonuses and not giving anything back to his employees. He just keeps taking away from us while hes making extra cash.
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